OGS Viewers - Seismic Visualization For Everyone

Somewhere along the drive towards digitalization and making data available, anytime, anywhere...they forgot about seismic.

Current seismic viewing (and interpretive) software must first read data, rasterize and generate an image....then deliver that image to your desktop. At OpenGeoSolutions we have a better solution - pre-rendered images delivered to your desktop web browser.

With our viewers:

  • No software install is required
  • Can save up to 80% of your seismic cloud storage costs
  • Will always be faster than current viewers that must first create images

All Viewers come with the ability to sketch on slice, inline and crossline views, and save or print the resulting images. The annotation is persistent so you can mark a feature on one slice....and watch the evolution of that feature through time/depth.

All Viewers come with "double-click" navigation enabled. Double-click on a feature of interest on the slice view....and the inline and crossline views update to the new location. You can also double-click a feature on the inline or crossline and the other two views will update.

Now you can truly "fly the data".