Technologies Overview

Playing to your strengths is a pretty good strategy.

At Amoco and BP our team was involved in the research, development and application of spectral decomposition, spectral inversion, curvature and a complete suite of signal processing analysis and data conditioning technologies. Problem datasets would arrive at the Research Center on Monday....and more often than not... a solution would be found and a new code added to the USP toolkit by the end of the week.  The potent mix of internal customers with immediate problems and real time code development by research geophysicists, yielded many startling advances.

At OpenGeoSolutions we continue advancing the state of the art in signal processing, spectral methods and inversion.  Critical mass and experience is important. We have the Signal Processing R&D capability of a supermajor, fully engaged and empowered, to create the technologies that will help solve your problems.

Let us put our technologies and skills to work for you.