OpenSEISTM - 23rd Anniversary

This coming year marks the 23rd anniversary of OpenGeoSolutions proprietary OpenSEISTM 2D/3D/4D seismic processing software and our efforts to build upon and extend our fork of the BP FreeUSP code base.

Our relationship with our software runs deep. As BP-Amoco heritage geoscientists we were involved in the support, research, development, and training of BP-Amoco's internal Unix Seismic Processing (USP) software and BP's effort to opensource FreeUSP in 2001.

At OpenGeoSolutions we have continued our rich history of innovation with Spectral DiscontinuityTM, waveletQTM, wavelet-based blueing and colored inversion, elastic inversion...and many other leading-edge technologies, all incorporated into our OpenSEIS software...our life's work.

We use our OpenSEISTM software (comprising 700+ programs) exclusively to provide services to companies worldwide. OpenGeoSolutions has owned the domain name since 2001, and we use OpenSEISTM in our marketing and advertising. We have never licensed our OpenSEIS technology or the trademark OpenSEISTM (or any derivative spellings or capitalizations) to any other company.