OpenGeoSolutions Research and Development

R&D is a large part of our history and our future. Prior to OpenGeoSolutions we were the USP (Unix Seismic Processing) team at Amoco and then BP, and involved in the creation of many innovative technologies. We incorporate these innovations in our proprietary OpenSEISTM 2D/3D/4D seismic processing software which now comprises over 600 programs.

For competitive reasons not everything that we are working on will make it to this page.

What we are working on now

Estimating gas saturation from seismic (and away from well control).
Applicable to oil and gas production...and 4D monitoring of CCS. We have partnered with a large Norwegian Oil and Gas company for the next phase of our R&D

Machine Learning - The same technology that enables self driving cars, language translations and image classification has interesting possibilities for application in geology and geophysics. This has been a major ongoing effort at OGS. Stay tuned.

Wavelet Domain Processing - in theory several of our window dependent proprietary processing tools and a number of those extant in the industry should operate more effectively in the wavelet domain.

What we have created (the highlights)

Wavelet Spectral Inversion

Wavelet Colored Inversion / Wavelet Blueing - time variant without the need for well control

Simple Elastic Inversiontm - a new class of seismic inversion

waveletQTM - an industry first wavelet based approach to Q estimation

Colored Inversion / Blueing - time variant without the need for well control

Spectral DiscontinuityTM - superior definition of faulting and stratigraphic edges

Curvature - No more "corduroy" - multi-scale Curvature from regional to local scales. Stratigraphic and Structural curvatures

Dip Azimuth / Dip Magnitude - multi-scale Dip estimation for sorting out complex stratigraphy

Spectral Navigatortm Visualization - an interpretive companion with intuitive double-click Navigation through t/d, x, y, frequency, offset, 4d, +

OGS LogView / NDView - well log processing and visualization toolkit.

Avotrimtm - Flattening events which undergo a phase change across offsets or angles is problematic for traditional techniques such as peak semblance picking. We have developed a method which minimizes such phase effects and allows time varying trimming of reflection energy for further downstream analysis such as AVO/AVA.

OpenSEISTM - our internal seismic processing software. Based on FreeUSP, plus decades of OpenGeoSolutions bug-fixes, enhancements, and proprietary software development.

Batch Image Processing (BIP) - the foundation technology that enables Navigators with millions of images. Now in production.