Our Company

OpenGeoSolutions is a privately held Canadian Incorporation based in Calgary, Alberta.

We offer spectral decomposition / inversion services from the team that invented spectral decomposition and its inversion, and then successfully applied it world-wide.

Our History

OpenGeoSolutions history begins many years before its 2001 incorporation.

We are all Amoco heritage geoscientists whose careers have intertwined and spanned the globe (and twenty plus years). When we began our careers at Amoco Canada geophysicists spent the first two years apprenticed to processing experts and taking company training courses. We were required to understand what went into the seismic data before we put colored pencils to paper.

As careers evolved our early training provided a firm foundation for interpretations, recommendations, and ultimately for OpenGeoSolutions.

Over the years the Seismic Information System (SIS) that we trained on came under the purview of computer scientists and the implementation of new geophysical ideas took months if not years. The advent of Unix and low cost workstations enabled geophysical researchers to create a rapid prototyping environment that was the forerunner of USP. As USP evolved into a full fledged processing environment it remained firmly in the hands of geophysical research renegades committed to solving customer problems. Often a geophysicist with a dataset and a problem would arrive at Tulsa Research on Monday, leave with a solution by Wednesday and a new program would be added to the USP toolkit.

In 1998 Amoco merged with BP. In 2001 BP generously open sourced the non-proprietary portion of USP as FreeUSP for the benefit of the geophysical community and OpenGeoSolutions was founded to provide commercial support for FreeUSP. "The Short History of USP or a Funny Thing happened on the Way to Research" here written by the USP team chronicles the evolution of USP up to the opensourcing.

From 2005 on OpenGeoSolutions has played an increasing role in supporting USP and providing USP services in BP.

Paul Gutowski joined OpenGeoSolutions in 2005, Mike Bush in 2006 and Paul Garossino and Greg Partyka in 2007 reuniting the core team that invented spectral decomposition and its inversion.

In 2006 OpenGeoSolutions began the transition from providing internal software support and services solely to BP to providing services utilizing our proprietary software to a wide range of customers.

Our Future

Our future is about bringing together the best people and the best technology to serve our customers needs.

Our people have built their careers on extreme customer focus, innovation and real time code development to solve problems.

Advancing the technology requires critical mass. The USP and FreeUSP toolkits are testament to our team's technical capabilities. At OpenGeoSolutions we continue to build our intellectual property portfolio around our core spectral decomposition and inversion capabilities.